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Your inclusive brand doesn’t have to look like Rihanna’s or Ben & Jerry’s.

Discover what inclusive brand type makes the most sense for you.

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Business Is About Belonging

Belonging Births Customer Loyalty

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How to Deliver Black History Month Campaigns Customers Love
Black History Month campaigns are a smart way to develop deeper relationships with the Black community. But creating campaigns that are well received aren’t automatic. Here’s how to get it…
3 Ways to Create a Safe and Inclusive Environment in the Workplace
Work doesn’t have to be a place where people dread going every day. When you have the right environment, it can be a place where everyone on your team thrives…
Ep. 15: Getting Started with Inclusive Language with Nailah King
Words matter. Words have the power to uplift. Words have the power to tear down. Words have the power to include. Words have the power to exclude.In our quest to…

Meet Sonia

Your inclusive marketing strategist, consultant, and educator

I spent more than a decade in marketing growing multi-million and billion dollar brands around the world at Johnson & Johnson and other pharmaceutical companies. And now I’m an inclusive marketing strategist and consultant, on a mission to make more people feel like they belong.