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Consulting & Custom Training

Let’s work together to equip you and your team to build an inclusive brand

Whether its training your team on inclusive marketing principles, co-creating the specifics of what building an inclusive brand looks like in your business, or getting insights to deepen the degree of customer intimacy you have with the people you serve and want to serve, we can build a custom plan that works for you, your team, and your business.

The following three areas all play a critical role in your ability to build an inclusive brand that wins diverse, niche, and underserved consumers over the long term. They are all also areas where I can focus consulting and or training engagements with you.

Ways I Can Help

Research & Insights

Deepen the degree of intimacy and cultural intelligence you have for diverse and underserved consumers

Consulting & Audits

Assess how your brand currently measures up from an inclusivity standpoint, and build a plan to deliver experiences that make more consumers feel like they belong with your brand

Speaking & Training

Keynotes and customer sessions to give your team the knowledge, insights, and confidence needed to build an inclusive brand

Content & Content Strategy

Partner in creating campaigns and concepts that make diverse and underserved consumers feel seen and like they belong with your brand
Some of our Clients for Consulting & Live Team (in person & virtual) Training include:

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Let's Chat

Book an appointment to chat about how I can help your team build an inclusive brand.

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