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Ep. 19: The critical link between equity and customer success (with Deborah Pickett)

Welcome to Inclusion and Marketing, the show that’s all about helping you win the attention, adoration and loyalty of more consumers, especially those with differences that are often ignored by brands. I’m your host, Sonia Thompson, a marketer and someone with a lot of differences. Let’s get to it.     

Today we’re going to explore the critical link between equity and customer success with a very special guest! My sister Deborah Pickett, a middle school math instructional trainer and coach, will share her valuable words of wisdom for those who are ready to embark on the lifelong process of being dedicated to equity.

Our conversation will cover:

What is the difference between equity and equality?
From a business standpoint, what happens when equity isn’t prioritized?
How to start using data to analyze potential equity issues in your business?
What is the link between equity and access? What do equitable practices look like?
What does it mean to say that justice is in the details?
What is the relationship between equity, empathy, and compassion?
What is the water vs the fish principle, and what are some real world examples of this way of thinking?


Access the full transcript of the episode here.

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Until next time. Remember, everyone deserves to have a place where they belong. Let’s use our individual and collective power to ensure more people feel like they do.

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